Every woman has a tale to tell.
And, loss leaves an indelible mark on our heart, bodymind and spirit.
Writing and story telling are hugely cathartic experiences.
We heal ourselves by being with our experiences.

Through journaling, drawing, taking pictures and more,

we craft our own meaning for the senselessness of our loss.

During what can be an intense and tumultuous time – when our feelings of
losing control feel so massive and inexplicable – we find comfort in and through
the inspired actions of taking charge of “our story.”

Then, when we share our story with our planet, we help other women to feel less alone,
we assist other families by sharing our grief,
and we transform 
our communities
into empathetic and compassionate places.

Your Voice Counts, Mama!

Send us your tales.
Keep your writing between 500 & 800 words.

All tales will be posted in our online repository for pregnancy loss.
There, they will be listed categorically; i.e. miscarriage; abortion;
still birth; eco-topic pregnancy; repeated loss in the first month;
loss during the 4th trimester; loss by “SIDS;” etc.

You can also submit your story to be featured as a spotlight entry

our repository for loss.
Send your story,  of up to 1200-1800 words,
as well as any photos or images,
along with 
a headshot of you
(or a family shot 
of yourself and your family),
Include in the subject line:
“Pregnancy Loss Story Spotlight Submission”

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